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Power Builder

Practical Oriented Workshops Experientially Relevant

Rapidly sharpen your skills through practical, hands-on exercises, reusable tools, techniques and templates. This will instil confidence in project execution and results. Developed to empower both, junior and senior professional to keep pace with the demands of today’s constantly changing business environment. Ensuring success every time.

We recognize that an Experiential learning opportunity is critical to expedient productivity. Our experiential workshops and seminars are designed to rapidly augment participant’s knowledge and experience, while providing the skills and experiences to immediately apply to one’s industry of focus.  These workshops are also designed to provide the skills necessary to master the tools and techniques in a practical way, while increasing your responsiveness of the business.

Experiential means you participate in simulations as an integral part of the learning process. We follow a four step experiential learning model simulate, observe, formulate and activate.

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  • ESW-001 - Project Planning for Success (2 days)
  • ESW-002 - Project Leadership With Confidence (2 days)
  • ESW-003 - Construction Cost Estimating Skills (2 days)
  • ESW-004 - Project-Driven Manufacturing (2 days)
  • ESW-005 - Practical Project Risk Management (2 days)
  • ESW-006 - Applying Earned Value Management (2 days)
  • ESW-007 - Developing the Project WBS for success (2 days)
  • ESW-008 - Cultural Adaptation for Project Managers (2 days)
  • ESW-009 - Effective Project Communication & Reporting (2 days)
  • ESW-010 - Conducting Project Audits (2 days)
  • ESW-011 - Contract Management for Project Managers (3 days)
  • ESW-012 - Managing Change in a Project-Driven Environment (3 days)
  • ESW-013 - Become a Project Juggler, Managing Multiple Projects (3 days)
  • ESW-014 - Applying 6 Sigma To Project Management (3 days)
  • ESW-015 - Applying Project Recovery Methods to Ensure Project Success (3 days)
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Power Builder

Rapidly sharpen your skills through practical, hands-on exercises, r...

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