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Welcome to BOLD Academy International!

BOLD Academy International Inc. (BOLD-AI) delivers memorable experiences through training and mentoring. Our programs are designed to help you acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies that are immediately applicable to expedite results in business and industry. To us, time is the most critical factor in gaining a competitive advantage to get ahead in today’s fast changing world. Our Instructors are experienced trainers and experts in their field of instruction, with many years of practical industrial experience. We provide both on-the-job “in-house” training as well as off-the-job “off-site” training.

BOLD-AI specializes in creating seminars and workshops that build leadership, teamwork and critical productive skills with immediate results. Our seminars and workshops fall under five (5) broad categories as listed to the right of the screen and are delivered in three different ways: In-class, online and virtual live, as illustrated below for your convenience.


In-class encourages a high degree of personal interaction with face-to-face information exchange and share of experiences. Under those conditions participants master new skills and discover new techniques.


Training is at your convenience by using your own computer. It is available to you at any time of the day or night. Can be fully interactive with participant and includes a combination of text, graphics and videos.


Live, instructor-led classes providing all the benefits and personal contact of classroom instruction at your desktop.  The same valuable content and instructor interaction as you would in the classroom.

Workshop Categories
Knowledge Building

A critical building block to competency is a solid Knowledge foundation. We continue to develo...

Power Builder

Rapidly sharpen your skills through practical, hands-on exercises, r...

Certification Preparation

Becoming certified in various fields is an indication of competency. BOLD-Ai Certification wo...

Tools & Technology

The world continues to rapidly advance with the application of Tools & Technology, result...


BOLD-Ai Custom workshops add value to business and industry. It is designed ...