BOLD IBI Vision and Mission


A global competitive business landscape accomplished through project management, while responding efficiently and expediently to the needs of customers.


In our fast pace rapidly changing business world three critical attributes of business behaviour will drive success on a repetitive basis. First is having a clear vision, second is innovation and third accomplishing lasting results. BOLD TCM Group will help your business stay focused, overcome obstacles through creativity and deliver results consistently and successfully, through innovative business intelligence.

We will facilitate the creation of a vision for your organization. This is a picture of your organization delivering successful projects and programmes into the future. This vision is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning:

  • Evolving your business successfully through project driven strategies
  • Establishing a leadership position through project, program and portfolio management successes

We will help your organization Innovate by generating breakthrough cutting edge ideas. This will differentiate your business and provide the competitive advantage driven by innovation. It is about seeing opportunities differently, quickly sizing up and developing the creative solutions. Deep innovation capability requires a systemic approach. BOLD TCM Group will provide strategies, tools and techniques that will help in the generation of profitable ideas, harness operating efficiencies, drive down project and program costs that is sustainable.

We will help your organization deliver results with limited resources and get the optimum value for money spent on projects. We use results-oriented management (ROM) to allow plans to be implemented in a way that success is accomplished. BOLD TCM Group provides six major benefits by focusing on results:

  • Lower cost to implementation
  • Clear and focused communication
  • Innovative development
  • Realistic project schedules
  • Useful evaluation of results
  • Consistent outcomes


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