Project Portfolio Management

Oorganizations reported a minimum of 20% increase in operational efficiency after using Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Project Portfolio Management allows organizations to achieve maximum project portfolio value through a continuous process of examining, evaluating and making business decisions based on some key project performance indicators, while aligning to strategic business objectives. Fundamentally, PPM is designed to ensure that the optimal mix and sequence of projects are determined in order to achieve the best results of the organization.

Key benefits of our project portfolio management services

  • Organizational Strategy, projects and Programs Alignment
  • Establishment of a portfolio governance
  • Optimum project mix analysis
  • Cost and financial performance analysis of project portfolio
  • Establish priorities on resource planning, hiring, time and skills allocations.
  • Analysis of relationship or inter-dependencies with other projects in the portfolio
  • Strategic risk analysis of potential negative impacts on achieving the business goals
  • Capability and capacity modeling methods and tools
  • Strategy for operational stakeholder management
  • Project and program auditing techniques
  • Portfolio reporting:
    • Organization’s portfolio overall health
    • Progress towards achieving strategic goals
    • Composite risk level of the portfolio
    • Resource usage of the organization
    • Financial performance of the portfolio


Our delivery specialists include

Project Portfolio Managers, Project Financial Analysts, Earned Value Management Specialists

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