Project Management Methodology Development

The adoption of a standard project management methodology has allowed organizations to realize improvements of over 50% in productivity improvements. Whether your organization adopts the BOLD Methodology or allow BOLD consultants to develop and implement similar results are possible.

BOLD-P2M (BOLD Project Management Methodology) is our proprietary methodology that encourages and facilitates the active use of repeatable templates, tools and processes across all projects in a consistent manner. BOLD-P2M contains a number of easy-to-follow forms, templates, instructions, and guidelines with immediate application to improving project execution and operational efficiency for your organization. We will work with your organization to successfully launch the methodology through a realistic deployment plan that includes conducting pilots to full deployment, depending on the size and complexity. The deployment plan includes conducting user training, coaching and where required one-on-one implementation to properly put the methodology into practice.

Key benefits of our BOLD-P2M services

  • An immediate solution for ease of use
  • enhancement and tighter integration with your other management processes
  • Help to minimize risk to the business during project delivery
  • Tailored  content to fit your desired project objectives
  • Keep the senior management informed at all times
  • A toolkit of best practices

Our delivery specialists include

BOLD-P2M Specialists

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